• dot-com$8.88
  • dot-net$9.95
  • dot-org$9.95


free domain

Pay the order for 1 year and get a domain name as a gift.

KVM VPS server with NVMe SSD drives

Virtual server for real work. Be digital to the end!

  • Help in initial configuration
  • Multi-core processors and ssd nvme disks
  • High speed. Test: 100mb, 1Gb
  • Working with vnc, iso, snapshot
  • Many ip addresses and price
  • Guaranteed resources, Details

people with laptop
Prohibited mining, any public proxy, mtproxy, 3proxy, etc .. - only for personal use. To do this, use Dedicated server

Multi-core CPU, SSD NVMe disk, more RAM & IP-addresses.

Activation only 3 minutes

    • 7 Gb NVMe SSD Storage
    • Intel® Xeon™ 1 Core
    • 512 Mb DDR4 Memory
    • 1 IP-addresses
    • 100 Mb/s Speed

    $2.95 /mo.

    $1.95 /mo.

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    • 15 Gb NVMe SSD Storage
    • Intel® Xeon™ 3 Core
    • 1024 Mb DDR4 Memory
    • 2 IP-addresses
    • 150 Mb/s Speed

    $4.9 /mo.

    $3.95 /mo.

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    • 25 Gb NVMe SSD Storage
    • Intel® Xeon™ 5 Core
    • 3072 Mb DDR4 Memory
    • 4 IP-addresses
    • 250 Mb/s Speed

    $13.9 /mo.

    $11.95 /mo.

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Blazing fast performance

Latest Hardware

We use only the latest Hardware, which is updated every 3-4 years.

Friendly panel

Convenient control panel, in which you can online reboot the server and install the operating system.

    • Transferring a site

      No need to think about transferring files, our team will happily transfer files to our hosting server.


    • Installation VPN

      Be completely invisible and anonymous on the Internet. This service provides a one-click installation of the VPN service.

      0.99$ /one-time

    • Installation VNC + Gnome

      Use VNC to connect to the server, and Gnome will provide a graphical interface.

      1.95$ /one-time

    • Installing scripts

      Our team will be happy to help you customize your script, and the price is extremely symbolic!

      4$ /one-time

    • Dedicated IP

      Dedicated IP address for hosting is an ideal solution, when it is necessary to use the SSL security certificate, to be completely independent of other users who are on the common address, in addition, to access the site in the very first seconds of the beginning of the use of the service .

      0.5$ /mo.

    • Dedicated IP addresses - 4 pcs.

      A set of 4 dedicated IP addresses for personal use and further distribution to domains, users.

      2$ /mo.

    • Installatron

      Powerful yet impeccably clean and simple, Installatron Plugin makes it easier than ever for even the most inexperienced website owners to deploy, use, and maintain web applications.

      4$ /mo.

    • Certificate SSL + IP

      Use the SSL security certificate for your site, so all data transferred between the user and the site will be encrypted. The connection is via secure protocol HTTPS://.

      10$ /mo.

  • We will install the operating system

    Do not worry, we will install the operating system, just make an order and wait for data access to the server that will already be online!

    Supported Operating Systems:
    • Centos
    • Arch Linux
    • Debian
    • Fedora
    • FreeBSD
    • CloudLinux
    • Ubuntu
    • ownCloud
    • Xubuntu
    • OpenSUSE
    • Gentoo
    • WebMin - Unix Admin

      Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any modern web browser, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more.


    • Billing panel RootPanel

      Innovative product in the field of hosting for the organization of hosting services. A fully automated product that will allow you to keep a record of invoices accounts, orders, sell services, and much more.

      3$ /mo.

    • ISPmanager 5 Lite

      Convenient control panel for hosting and server. It is very nice functionality such as editing domains, mailboxes, databases, user management, and many others.

      5$ /mo.

    • DirectAdmin

      The DirectAdmin control panel has 3 levels of management: Admin, Reseller, User. The control panel has many features and advantages, while the control panel is very easy to use.

      5$ /mo.

    • cPanel / WHM with 5 accounts

      The control panel cPanel has 3 levels of control, Root, Reseller, User. This product is suitable most for advanced users, has a huge number of functions and tremendous flexibility.

      35$ /mo.