Expanding disk space for HOST- *31.05.2021

Dear partners, guests and like-minded people,

we are pleased to announce that after analyzing the hosting market and conducting an audit on the servers, we decided to increase the disk space limit for all new HOST- * tariff plans, old and new tariffs, comparison.

Tariff - old limit - new limit

HOST-S - 3072 MB - 5120 MB
HOST-M - 5120 MB - 7168 MB
HOST-L - 7168 MB - 10240 MB
HOST-XL - 10240 MB - 15360 MB
HOST-XXL - 15360 MB - 20480 MB

We remind you that we use Western Digital CL SN720 NVMe ultra-fast drives, our policy remains unchanged, we strive to provide high quality services at an affordable price.